"Because life is worth celebrating..."

Our Story

Chaffiot Collection is more than just a cigar company. It’s a movement. Our story is unlike most, in that the company was founded due to what some may describe as, the single most devastating human rights violation ever to occur in our time: human trafficking.

Why did we choose cigars as the preferred medium to combat human trafficking? Two words come to mind: loyalty and celebration. The cigar community is incredibly loyal. Love of the leaf may be the only commonality shared between individuals, and that’s enough to carry a life-long bond.

Secondly, cigar culture has always been tied to the celebration of life’s accomplishments. These two attributes carry our mission. Our LOYAL brothers and sisters of the leaf choose to CELEBRATE the restoration of precious lives from the horrors of human trafficking. This ensures the fulfillment of our cause.

All of our cigars are manufactured in a privately owned factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Through our strategic partnerships, we have been guided through the beautifully complicated craft of creating quality cigars to battle this injustice. The journey has been challenging, unique, and incredibly rewarding.

To us, cigars are more than luxury products to be enjoyed. They are tools. More accurately, they are weapons. With each purchase of a Chaffiot Collection Cigar, we donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations fighting human trafficking on the front lines.

Whether you are a newcomer to cigars, or a seasoned smoker, we invite you to join the movement and “Shop Our Collection”.

It’s Time To See Human Trafficking Go Up In Smoke…

By the time you have finished smoking a robusto, approximately 68 people were sold or kidnapped and forced into trafficking somewhere in the world. Chaffiot Collection advocates to abolish modern day slavery. A portion of all proceeds are donated to fund the mission.

  • There are roughly 27 million people enslaved in the world today.
  • There are an estimated 1.5 million people being trafficked in the United States today.
  • In the U.S., at least 100,000 children are exposed to trafficking every year.
  • Florida is ranked 3rd in the nation for human trafficking calls.

“Human trafficking exists in every city. It exists in your hometown. Our objective is to see it abolished. You can help by asking your local tobacconist to get involved by carrying our lines.

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